Together with the artist and Rietveld alum Rosa Doornenbal, the curatorial team of RietveldTV 23/24 – Mayya Kuznetsova, Jiyeon Izzy Lee, Feliz Aaliyah Sanchez Buitrago and Karolina Hyun Wilting – have been developing the first episode of the current season.

Starting with the question what is RietveldTV, by inspecting previous episodes, collecting impressions of current students and exploring the collection of Sound & Vision (Beeld en Geluid) they conducted an audio-visual investigation to lead them to a clearer idea and an outlook on the future of RietveldTV.

By means of a striking detective board and with help of guest host Tunde Dawkins they wove a red thread to make cunning connection and introduce themselves as the curators of the coming season from the depth of the Rietveld basement. 

Coordinated by alum Rabea Ridlhammer and Vere van Hal from Public & Projects.