Fanja Bouts, who graduated in the summer of 2023 from the VAV - moving image department, is winner of the RM Public Choice Award 2023. She was chosen by the public as their favourite artist from the 'Best of Graduates 2023' exhibition at the Ron Mandos gallery. The award ceremony took place on Friday 1 September in Amsterdam. Winning the award means that Fanja will create the design for next year's Best of Graduates exhibition.

From the Ron Mandos Gallery website:

Fanja Bouts was chosen by the public as the most favorite artist from Best of Graduates 2023. She is a visual artist working with installation and illustration. Her work surrounds the contrast between the playful and the absurdly serious, within the patterns of our existence. Through returning characters she creates chaotic scenes of non-linear narratives that fit into each other like puzzle pieces in a newly formed universe. This naturally morphs together into large scale, detailed works, with satirical and philosophical undertones.

Her work, titled, A Largely Distorted yet Surprisingly Ordered Map of Regular Irregularities (2023), was created collaboratively with the TextielLab, the TextielMuseum’s professional workshop in Tilburg.

Congratulations Fanja!