Ireland, 1974
Thesis: Art as Transaction.

Frida Kahlo and the value of labour. Uniting humanity with the immortal image.


My work is about telling convincing stories. Research plays a significant role in starting work. My most recent pieces revolve around the economy and art. Starting with a historical archive, then building a critique, ending on a relationship between art and contemporary issues. Occasionally these stories evolve into a more factual aspect. I try to bring elements from other areas of social life, for example the cost of a painting compared to an average wage both now and at the time of painting, in a manner to highlight the spectacle of art as a capital commodity, and the measurement of time as money The resulting format of this approach is a presentation as installation of video, printing (etching),3d printing and audio. Research is presented in booklet format with text and images.

Thus bringing various aspects together in a systematic format.My focus is to continue developing my process, and lessons learned, and to improve my artistic language. And in some ways to approach a more convincing format of telling.