Directed & Edited by Konstantina Mavridou

A re-enactment of ‘Wavelength’, 1967, Michael Snow

’50-1200’ was filmed during April 2017 for almost two weeks as a re-enactment on Wavelength of Michael Snow on 1967. Wavelength was aiming to be “a definitive statement of pure film space and time, a balancing of 'illusion' and 'fact', all about seeing”, according to Snow’s notes. The current re-enactment agrees with that statement and additionally borrows many of the basic elements Wavelength owns. During those 11 minutes, the camera and its constant zoom plays the main protagonist of the film. In parallel, the increasing sound of sine wave frequencies intensifies the atmosphere, as the spectator is being led up to the final destination of the zoom. Together with the moving sine oscillations, the movement of light takes place. Gradually changing shades of colors across the whole spectrum are being applied on the film, while zooming and sound are becoming more intense. The last borrowed element, the film’s destination; opposing to Michael Snow’s Atlantic waves photograph, the zoom’s destination content is all about our contemporary digital reality. The initial intentions of this film is this exact balance of ‘illusion’ and ‘fact’, while switching from the analog reality to the digital and opposite.

The episode premiered on AT5 on 29 and 30 April 2023.