The clouds blanket our souls. The grass carries our weight.

The fire draws us closer. The smoke carries our thoughts.

We visited places that signify eternal time and space, within which we sought to discover refuge, in spatial or spiritual form. These small excursions were meant to provide an experience of flowing togetherness, leaking acceptance, and fleeing worship.

By immersing ourselves in said situations, through gathering impressions, staging scenes, visualize thoughts, impulsively collect, instigate, deviate, and congregate, our group found ways to describe our path through the physical and mystical world, finding and creating signs and artefacts, trying to find refuge in our collective experience.

With: Minjue Kim, Kateryna Lymar, Eva Mels, Nikki Mulder, Oleksandr Rudovskyi, Andrés Sanjuan and Yasemin Sürek

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Munnecom