Rietveld Mulch #3 - Zoë’s Dankerts Mulch 

In Rietveld Mulch the Podcast we focus on life after graduation and ask artists, curators, collectives and others in the cultural field to share their Mulch with us.

In the 3nd episode Nina van Hartskamp talks with art critic, podcast-maker and ghostwriter Zoë Dankert about fund writing and labor issues in Dutch cultural field. What drove Zoë to create the podcast Werktitel and what are prominent problems young artist face in the Netherlands these days? How do you fund an art practice? What does the work of ghostwriter entails and what is Zoë’s advice for writing a successful grant application? 

Zoë Dankert is a writer, art critic and podcast maker, with a background in literary studies and cultural analysis. Her texts are published a.o. in Metropolis M and De Witte Raaf. She is former editor-in-chief and founder of Soapbox: Journal for Cultural Analysis and she made the ten-part podcast series Werktitel.

Want to ask Zoë for fund writing advice? https://www.instagram.com/zoe.dankert/



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