Rietveld Mulch Baking and Writing Workshop

by Suzanne Bernhardt

Join us 8, 9, 10 March 2023

On 8, 9 & 10 March we host a baking and writing workshop by Suzanne Bernhardt. Following the rhythms of baking bread, we playfully explore fund writing, cv compiling and biography building taking place between daily routines.

Each day we start with a talk open to all, followed by a Baking and Writing workshop. All alums and students are welcome to attend the workshops, but artists and designers who graduated last summer (class of '22) will be given priority.

(max 15 participants per day).

8 March,

16:00-17:00 hrs: talk by Philipp Shueller

17:30-19:00 hrs: baking and writing workshop

About Philipp Shueller

Philipp Schueller shares a spiritual and astrological kinship with the sea. 

Like a biologist he approaches his research studying the quality of all living things. 

His work draws parallels between fashion’s compulsive drive toward the new and a profound evolutionary urge. He compares humans shedding garments to other lifeforms that shed their skin or modify their appearance in order to survive. In so doing, he speculates about future “fashion species” and how clothing could shapeshift once it leaves the human body. His studio becomes a fluid space of confluence where different impulses are allowed to intermingle or float alongside one another. www.janvaneyck.nl/participants/philipp-schueller

9 March

16:00-17:00 hrs: talk by Urok Shirhan

17:30-19:00 hrs: baking and writing workshop

About Urok Shirhan

Working at the intersection of performance, visual arts and critical theory, Shirhan’s practice explores the politics of image, sound and speech in relation to power and affect. Working mainly with sound, video, performance and writing, her projects are entangled with found materials and narratives, historic as well as current, often as informed by her family’s history of political migrations. Her latest body of research considers the role of sound (and the voice in particular) in relation to forms of collectivity, dissidence and belonging. Shirhan holds an MA (Hons.) in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths University in London and was a 2019/2020 Research Fellow at BAK basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht. As a resident contributor for Radio Alhara she hosts the monthly music show 'Sound Without Image' and the occasional 'Hour of Liberation', a talkshow with voices from and for Palestine. urokshirhan.work

10 March,

16:00-17:00 hrs: talk by Alina Lupu

17:30-19:00 hrs: baking and writing workshop

About Alina Lupu

Alina Lupu was born and raised in Romania and works as a writer and post-conceptual artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her work has been shown at: IMPAKT.NL, Utrecht; VHDG, Leeuwarden; W139, Amsterdam; Onomatopee, Eindhoven; Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn; Drugo More, Rijeka; Rheum Room, Basel; European Lab, Lyon; Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Berlin, and Goethe Institut, Bucharest. She is a general board member of Platform BK, an organization that researches the role of art in society, and advocates for a better art policy, a student of the Master Photography and Society at the KABK, The Hague, and a research fellow with the Lectorate Art and Spatial Praxis at the Rietveld Academie looking into the role of artists within processes of gentrification. theofficeofalinalupu.com

This programme is initiated by:

Suzanne Bernhardt


Suzanne Bernhardt (1988) is an artist, researcher and works with food. Suzanne has graduated from Rietveld Fine Arts Department in 2016. Her multi-disciplinary practice always originates from a specific location. Fieldwork, material experiments and immaterial memories from people form the fundamental basis for this collaborative work. Suzanne uses trace as an act and as an artefact to translate the moving, the inquiry, the path into the solid, the residue. These residues become the speculative players of food events, workshops and settle as objects into everyday life. suzannebernhardt.info