Starting from a personal investigation of a meteorite fall that occurred in the village where Dorin was born in Transylvania, his thesis explores themes of displacement, temporality, hauntology, tradition vs modernity, East vs West, and coloniality in the Eastern European context. By also delving into cosmogonic myths and folklore, it reveals a way of being in the world that can help heal the traumatic past of the region. These stories offer glimpses into what Eastern futurism could look like: a more hopeful version of the future. 

This video portrait is part of a series of ten video portraits of selected 2023 graduation projects as part of Rietveld Review(ed). With these portraits, the art academy Gerrit Rietveld Academie highlights and celebrates remarkable art projects by the next generation of artists. Each video portrait was made in close collaboration with the artists to give insight into their way of thinking and working.

Concept: Bieneke Bennekers & Vere van Hal
Production: Vere van Hal
Interview: Luuk Heezen
Camera & edit: Rik Lauwen