Playmate, or guide


The dummy Playmate, or guide, of which you find a video here, was developed during the course Archives and Sources. The aim of the course was to create an artist book from a personal archive. 


As a child I feared the birch. This fear was put into my body by my father. Every time I walked beneath the tree I would close my eyes, frightened that it would derive me of my sight. This little lie told by my father, and made me think that the birch had an ability through it’s pollen to steal my capability to see. 

Hence, I never looked, I never really saw the birch.  Looking and seeing the skin of the birch tree was the starting point of this publication which is a collection of the fragments of the outer layer of the tree. This collection began in 2016 when I first saw how the bark almost fell off the tree. Now it exists in a box. Years later I have systemized the birch in the floating digital sphere. I have created a system, categorizing and labeling each individual piece of bark, so far according to the date of finding (it will later be developed to be much more extensive).