I developed this piece during my first IP (individual project), in this class every student gets the freedom to work on a project of their interest. I decided to create a padded blanket stemming from my deep longing for mountains which started to show once I was so far away from them. 
The proces was very open, and the making and reflection on the making was the driving force. 
In this work I experimented with several mediums such knitted blocks with poetic text, which are reflections on the mountains. I never used a knitting machine before, taking on a huge amount of knitting was quite a challenge and a bit overwhelming. Besides that I also taught myself how to tablet weave (a historic technique where cards are used instead of a loom). I created 4 individual straps, each of them representing one season. 
At the assessments I activated the piece by carrying it on my back, unfolding it while reading the poem on the knitted pieces, wrapping myself in it and folding it back together. Here you see a autonoumous documentation of the folded blanket.