In COLUMN, a design studio led by Anne Dessing (@annedessing), second-year students in the Architectural Design department analyzed the history of architectural columns, the orders, their materialization, construction principles, and ornamentation. Simultaneously, students designed their own 3-meter-tall, 1:1 column, reflecting on this history, taking a position on its relevance for today, and realized them through their independent practices within a collective installation.

Danute Liva
Nanna Kristensen (@luftensrotte)
Tereza Kalousova (@xtereza)
Ilya Stasevich (@ctacevi4)
Darya Akhrameika (@connfettii)
Carlyn Edenne (@carlyn.eden)
Joshua Goyenechea (@joshoexpress)

Photos: Olga Sosnowska (@olga.sosna)