Perhaps my only true country is my body

My work collaborates with the conditions of the space where it is exhibited, on this occasion, the Rietveld pavilion and the recently installed 12 green and grey curtains, part of a project created by Kristine Nørgaard. The action of opening and closing the curtains shifts the background: a play between revealing and unrevealing, of inside and outside, and a space of both dark and light.

Curtains are closed:
A still image of the garden where I grew up covers a few remnants of white columns and abducts them into the dark jungle. “…Deep green, uncontrollable green, plants are constantly growing and changing the space, reducing the space. Peaceful hecticness, an insect orchestra…” The image is slowly falling apart, and the objects are revealed.

Curtains are open:
A concrete jungle, a tropical ruin, the remains of a glorious moment. The green habitat is gone; the space transformed into a quasi urban landscape. There is light; and the elements are visible now. A nostalgia about a place that doesn’t exist anymore. I am constantly longing for a place, somewhere I have probably never been before.