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Tijdens 03 Januari - 09 Januari David Bennewith stelde de front-space samen.

Rietveld Pristina, 6.9–16.10.2021. Documentation of the exhibition concluding ‘Rietveld Pristina’, a six-week study program organised by the Graphic Design Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie for students in the graduation year. It is conceived as an exercise in studying together and an opportunity to meet and work with people in another place. Previous editions of the program have taken place in Berlin and Zurich. This years program was conceived by Kosovar Graphic Designer Bardhi Haliti, with teachers Venera Mustafa, Vigan Nimani, Bardhi Haliti, and coordination by Eljesa Beka. Graduation Year Students 21–2022: Rafaela Aristodimou, William Becker, Philippine Bordeaux Montrieux, Vinícius Cardoso Witte, Hyoyeong Chu, Melanie Cot, Fanni Falucskai, Sigríður Flygenring, Lola Frydman, Marie Gertsen, Kiki Gordon, Sigríður Hannesdóttir, Quirine Kennedy, Max Kessel, Jung Yeon Kim, Hagar van der Knijff, Mila Landreau, Lukasz Matuszewski, Luca Putz, Bram Romkes, Natalia Ruhe, Alyson Sillon, Martina Vanini. The exhibition took place at the ‘Palace of Youth and Sports’, in Pristina on October 15, 2021. Exhibition photography by Majlinda Hoxha.

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