The Netherlands, 1992
Thesis: Beweging

Fortune Hunters - Holiday in Greece

Boat refugees landing on the shores of the Greek island Lesvos are wrapped in gold. The beaches are a circus of solidarity. The human tribe is present here, with all its intentions and a plethora of reasons. 

After mopping up an overflowing pool of political pointlessness, the voluntourist takes a dive in the deep blue Aegean sea; she thinks about trying to solve problems that are beyond her power. 

Europe, it is supposed to be a promised land, the Iranian boy says. So what did you expect? I can wrap you in gold that will keep you warm. But I cannot help you cross closed borders and start a life, towards an existence that revolves around something more worthwhile than just waiting. If only you had the fortune to get out of this situation."Fortune hunter", that's what they call you. But aren't we all in pursuit of some kind of fortune? I asked my friend, a tattoo artist, how much money he needs to get to Amsterdam, his destination. €4000,- for a smuggler. Tattoo me and I will give you €1000,- I told him, and then I can shamelessly use you as a subject for my art. Deal. Fortune hunter, behind a high fence. I can go right through it, but he needs to find his way around.


Athens is 40 degrees at the moment, with 50.000 people stuck in poor conditions. I can't wait for my next holiday in Greece.


Label: 4 rivet guns, 1000 rivets, 6 refugee boats, 12 flight tickets, 60 days in Greece, 8,5 miscommunications, 1 bag design, 7 workshops in refugee camps, 1 media rollercoaster ride, 10.000.000 video views, 1 tetanus infection, 3 refugee fashion models, 1 tattoo gun, 40 square centimeters of my own skin, 1 human trafficker, 30 hours of video footage, 40 emergency blankets, too much time behind the computer, and of course, some duct tape


Produced in collaboration with Niels Arnbak, Didi Aaslund, Jan Willem Groen, Nina Badoux and my Iranian friend