The Postcards of Solidarity, 2021 

(second edition - 555 pieces)

 An ongoing project of Dasha Golova based on precious findings of textiles and tapestry from the ethnographic archive Past Perfect, this edition is realised in collaboration with Masha Maroz and Sasha Kulak. We kindly invite you to stand in solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus. Each of 555 cards is dedicated to each different person. These postcards are puzzles/fragments of a wider message, an ornamental code of Belarusian tapestry and embroidery, interlacing with the image behind it. This code is the key to our identity. The fragmentation of the print serves as a protection from censorship. Each of the postcards contains the information of the recipient such as the name and address of the prison, a stamp and our key message, an ornamental watchword. Everything is ready for you to activate this — not necessarily verbal — communication by choosing one of the postcards and dropping it into the postbox. By doing so you are delivering hope, a gesture of awareness, acknowledgement and support.