Head of Fashion Department: Niels Klavers

Curation: Eduardo Léon | Avoidstreet

Production: Py Tswang Jin

Show Direction: Bas Andrea and Nathalie Haelermans | House of Orange

Light Design: Studio Prokop in technical collaboration with JURSound Design: Fabian Reichle

Show Video: Lonneke van der Palen and Giovanni Salice

Show Photography: Sanne Peper

Graphic Design and Website: Dongseok Min, Karl-Emil Bengtson, Theodora Jacobs and Wooryun Song

PR & Communication: Jan Schoon, Martijn den Boer i.c.w. Public Rietveld and Mo Veld

Fundraising: Beatrice Puijk

Research Fellows: Mika Perlmutter and MoVeld

Food & Beverages: Daily Dog

Crew Catering: Oh My Guts

GERRIT RIETVELD ACADEMIE FASHION SHOW 2021 is made possible with the generous support of Keep an Eye Foundation and Meester Koetsier Foundation.

Special thanks to the Executive Board of Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Pre-Reserved, tutors of the Fashion department (Ernst van der Hoeven, Ferdinand Schmeits, Mo Veld, Mika Perlmutter, Oscar Raaijmakers, Philipp Schueller and Riette Wanders), the Graphic Design department (Bart de Baets, Dongseok Min, Karl-Emil Bengtson, Theodora Jacobs and Wooryun Song), Fashion Workshop (Sonja Kip), Textile Workshop (Ea Polman, Berber Soepboer, Nicky den Breejen and Sanne Bax), Public Rietveld, GRA Audio Visual Services, Anouk Beckers, Anouk van Klaveren, Comfort Ball, Emirhan Akin, Hendrickje Schimmel, Lenn Cox, Ninke Bloemberg, Rita Ouedraogo, Rolien Zonneveld, Romy Day Winkel, Sandra Kassenaar, Tabitha Swanson, Taka Taka, Ting Gong, Tracian Meikle and many more.