The backpack shoulder strap, an object designed to carry weight was the starting point used to explore the paradox and language of weight; lightness versus heaviness.

Lightness could be associated with a carefree approach, a recurrent existence, the absence of burden. Heaviness, the weighted burden of responsibility, connection and belonging. 

The process of altering and exploring the possibilities of this everyday form as well as the materials used further considers and plays with this paradox; various repetitive forms made from ceramic and textile are combined with other altered objects. Through combining altered recognisable objects with sculptures that have no clear identity but rather associative characteristics, with happenstance they become constructs. These constructs give way to simultaneous conflicts such as control and growth, bloated excess but emptiness, fragility and resilience, blandness and intrigue, simplicity and overwhelming choices, which reflect on this tension wherein heaviness and lightness can co-exist.


Eight Cubic Meters by Alexis Stephenson

Exhibition at Eight Cubic Meters, Sint Nicolaasstraat, Amsterdam

16 June - 1 October 2021

As part of the GRA Awards 2020 Alexis Stephenson has been given the opportunity to show new work to a new audience.

Photo's: Jordi de Vetten