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Tijdens 05 juli - 11 juli Public & Projects stelde de front-space samen.

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MARCH 16 - APRIL 30, 2021


How can bodies-related, tangible artworks contribute towards linking neighbourhoods in the Netherlands' youngest city -Almere- that differ socially, economically, historically and environmentally? Departing from this question, students from the Jewellery - Linking Bodies department will set to work with human and non-human residents living in the Almere Poort district. The students will document the process, their experiences and findings, this way learning to create works originating from the local context.

As part of the overall contextual framework, the students will establish a relationship with the neighbourhood and its residents. They will do this, for example, by having lunch together with local residents. City ecologist Ton Eggenhuizen will tell the students more about plant and animal life in Almere Poort. Moreover, artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson will tell students about wild and tamed landscapes.

Under the guidance of Sonja Bäumel, the students will work for several weeks on this project that constitutes part of the Field Academy. On Friday, April 30, 2021 they will present their observations and findings to a small audience during an excursion together. This will be a walk in which one intimate space after another will be strung together. Depending on the corona measures in effect at the time, other interested parties may also participate.

Participating students:

Yawen Fu

Jakob Hodel

Ada Jochimsen

Myrthe Kamoen

Karla Nilzén

Lente Oosterhuis

Nica van Soest



Photography by Anna Lenartowska

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