Mila Landreau



Four works that explore collaborative practice, collectivity and learning through design.

“I don’t like to eat alone”

My thesis is about collective ways of writing, learning and printing. Looking through three different collective practices from the 60’s and my own experience doing collective work.



“I’ve always wanted to go on tour…”

This work is the result of a series of printing workshops that took place in Lyon, Amsterdam and Paris. Joos, the head of the offset workshop at the Rietveld, is the key to this project – she mentioned to me that she wanted to meet other printers that experiment with offset printing. Based on this desire I organised a group of students and made a structure (a traveling poster) for a ‘conversation’ in experimental offset printing between schools. At each workshop, a layer of offset was printed on a poster format, then moved to the next addressee. We traveled to meet students and heads of workshops at the Beaux Arts de Lyon, then to the Doc with the EnsAD students in Paris, finally the results arrive in Amsterdam to be presented. Joos Wiersinga, Cécile MAZOYER and Alexandru Balgiu and the students shared their knowledge and learning with each other to produce a collective work.

“Bread oven” 

The Bread Oven is a continuation of the work done by Rietveld alumni, Johannes Reisigl, Florian Lutz and Jakob Krinz. In 2019 they built the oven as part of their graduation project. With their approval, we as a group of five (Mélanie Cot, Quirine Kennedy, Natalia Ruhe, Mila Landreau and Martina Vanini) from the graphic design department, decided to reactivate the oven and become its caretakers in May 2021. 

Bread baking and the ‘bakery’ has always been central to communities, providing sustenance, nourishment, and warmth. The whole concept with the Oven is that it is hosted by many, a site of co-creation. It is a project that belongs to everyone. The oven has been created, reproduced, and repurposed. Working in a collective requires a lot of work, time, respect, rest, and warmth-similar to the process of making bread. 

Our intention for the Bread Oven was to make it an approachable tool at the school, to invite people to feel comfortable to use it, and to host more communal moments at the school.Thanks to the Student Council we have been able to reactivate the oven and organise monthly gatherings happening on the school campus. We have organised several workshops as well as “open ovens”, where people can bring their own dough and learn how to bake it themselves in the oven. It was crucial for us to aim to make the Oven a more permanent part of the fabric of the Rietveld and Sandberg community, and to ensure that it did not get abandoned again. 

"Modular table design"

I've been working on the design of a modular table to be able to host many different event. During the graduation week the table was display in a new way each day. 

“Conversation between classmates”

Didda and I have been curating discussions on different topics that are relevant for our classmates, in studying and life. These conversations are designed and compiled in a yearbook available in the show’s bookshop.