How is the temperature? How tactile is the material?


It is warm around your hands even though the weaving is full of holes. The air is failing to enter the space between the glove and the the skin because the yarn hasn’t been spun very tight. The nettle fibres, that came a long way, from being harvested, dried and spun are escaping the yarn, building a web that is covering the holes.

However, the fact that the fabric has holes makes it very light to wear. You can distinctly notice the pressure of each yarn surrounding your hand while the skin is still in contact with the air. The sensation is rough yet not itching, surprisingly.


My hands learned precious knowledge. I challenged myself to make a glove out of nettle fibres. I had no idea how to make a yarn, how to make a yarn out of a plant and how to make a glove.

Nettle is making us fragile, it is scary because it's hurting and annoying because it is very hard to get away from them. Everyone knows nettle, it’s in the gardens, in the fields, in the streets.

Very early, hands are learning to not touch nettles, now they learned how to touch them.