I find it fascinating, that by gauging a hole into clay, how simply the ‘concept-less’ material becomes a concept: the notion of space.

The space around me intrigues me as it is just as physical and tangible as much it is mentally constructed. I base my spatial investigations on this correlation, by keeping close to direct sensations through the ritualistic procedure of the ceramic craft.

In our recent times, digital technology is entirely re-establishing spatial conditions compared to architecture in physical reality. This is where I find the possibilities of working with sound as a medium fascinating: sound is very physical, but at the same time it has the ability to extend corporeal space into the virtual.

Within my art practice, I explore how tactile materials and sound construct spatial perception and feelings. By working with vibrations, for example, I address their physical connections. At the same time, I am looking for a more abstract relationship between solid materials and sound: I aim to address the temporality of space through the changing character of the two.

The Rietveld TV episode is an attempt for a translation of my most recent research to the medium of video.