The first year Fine Arts students have been asked to respond to these eight windows in a site and context specific way. They have organised themselves into groups, and each group will have its own allocated exhibition period in which to play with the Eight Cubic Meters display cabinets. For this project they are supervised and supported by Fine Arts teacher Nils Norman and Vere van Hal from buro rietveld. 

(The photo's of the first installment can be found here)

These photo's show the installment by the second group: Fresh Windows. This project was on display from 8 until 24 June 2020 at Eight Cubic Meters, Sint Nicolaasstraat, Amsterdam.


For 7 days, we went here everyday and spent a couple hours cleaning the windows.

Day 1:  We cleaned the outside of the glass and left our wipes and cleaning equipment on the window sill.

Day 2:  all our equipment was put inside the windows. 

Day 3: we cleaned the inside of the windows, removed the dust, threw away some old lightbulbs left there with other objects such as a a paintbrush and a bottle opener. 

Day 4: We cleaned the window frame and started painting the inside walls white.

Day 5: we did some more painting.

Day 6: we finished painting the walls white

Day 7:  We stretched the wipe we used to clean each window on a canvas and hung them in their respective windows.

Day 8: we fixed the cable that was hanging from the ceiling in each window.


Photo's: Anna Lenartowska