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Tijdens 20 april - 26 april Public & Projects stelde de front-space samen.

For the fourth consecutive time, the Rietveld Uncut team has worked towards an exhibition of these projects in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, this year under the title Relating (to) Colour. Students investigate "colour" from different perspectives and meanings. Colour structures our daily life and our actions, our relationships with others and the spaces in which we live. Within different historical and cultural contexts, however, colours have very different symbolic, psychological, material, and socio-political meanings. 

In total, 121 students worked on 28 departmental projects and individual proposals guided by (guest) teachers and Rietveld Uncut curators Tomas Adolfs & Tarja Szaraniec.

Shortly before the installation of the exhibition and conference week at the museum, the government's guidelines regarding Covid-19 virus were released. This has put an end to the physical Rietveld Uncut presentation and Studium Generale conference in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in March 2020. Participants were asked to create digital translations of their projects and to share this with the online audience.

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