Imagine that each unique emotion has a particular vibrational pattern, 

that is changing the texture of water in our bodies

on a molecular level.


‘Rasa’ is an on-going research between Sumana Shakya (KU Art) and Georgina Dávid (GRA), evolving within the framework of an exchange project /NedNep2020/. 

Through conversations we revisited Sumana's experience of the earthquake that shook Nepal in 2015, from the perspective of emotions, empathy and the role of boundaries.

These talks pulled us to search around Kulekhani, a hydropower plant that lies near Kathmandu. The natural flow of the river is held up and controlled by two dams on a 10kms long section. During the earthquake, the river was pushed out of its natural pool, creating waves that have reached up to 4-5 meters high, sweeping along the hilly coast of the otherwise contained river… 

What actually happens when we feel empathy? Where do I end and the other starts? Are emotions and boundaries merely ‘virtual’?