They Will Survive The Big Collapse And They Want To Meet

The ruins of utopia are my construction site. I built a temple on it.

Images of an undesirable future are comfortably installed in popular culture. Following this tragic analysis, this work takes the collapse of humanity as a point of departure to reconstruct contemporary beliefs.

With the faces from our collective imagery, a new mythology is set.

Who created us?

Who makes us grow? Who protects us?

Who lives under? Who is the water?

Who is a parent? Who are the others? Who was the first? 

Who lives above?

Who is healing us?

The digital realm is shaping our behaviour and culture. Clickbait language, memes and social media will be a part of humanity forever, even if the internet ceases to exist.

Collaborative mythology and low technology are the tools I propose for a desirable image of the future, grounded in an inevitable dystopian narrative.

By disrupting the image of the future, this project unveils a spiritual potential in mass-produced elements from our present.

Broadly speaking, my work explores the role that representation plays in shaping the collective unconscious and the ideological structures that influence dominant visual languages.