Sterre Pomper




Thesis: An Archive of Intimacies

'"Blueprint: an Anthology" is an artwork that encompasses a big wooden and glass cabinet, serving as a visual portal. Within this cabinet, a collection of printed and quilted fabrics unfolds, inviting viewers to delve into an unconventional, transformative archive of encounters, written gestures and visual anthropology.
The tall, hardwood cabinet itself echoes the tenacity but also authority of the archive throughout history. As viewers peer through the glass, they are greeted by an arrangement of elements curated to represent a blueprint for moments of transformation and queer joy.
The photographs in the collection are a mixture of contemporary images and vintage photos selected to show queer experiences. By highlighting the life-changing events that mold and redefine each person's journey, they encourage audiences to consider the influence of storytelling and memory within the queer community.
Projecten van: Sterre Pomper