Shai Datauker


Dutch, 1998


The invisibility of things

'‘The invisibility of things’ investigates how a few standardised objects play a significant role in driving globalisation and how they ultimately affect our society and daily lives. While regularly finding ourselves in the midst of these objects and their infrastructures, they still seem to remain invisible. The research emerged from a necessity to understand my relationship with surrounding objects, to facilitate structure for a life that felt out of balance. The work aims to explore origins of ownership and accessibility. By utilising the paradox of the 3D printer as an object and as a medium, it questions the duality of creative freedom within art education. The installation tries to capture this duality by re-introducing the invisible objects and the printer, so that their true value will be recognised in the years to come.
Mixed media installation. 20-foot container, 3D prints (recycled PLA), EPAL nails, Paintings (acrylic on canvas), Silkscreened cardboard boxes, Europallets, Manual lift truck. 
610 x 244 x 259 cm
Projecten van: Shai Datauker