At the other side of the rabbit hole 


In the swarm i found you 

Mother of all screens

Zero point cloud 


Did you notice any new habits in your image consumption recently? Perhaps your hand keeps on scrolling and jumping from one image to another, dragging you into the mindless void of an unending collection with no personal connection?


Welcome to the other side, where floating images are treated as found objects and mindless scrolling has become an act of treasure hunting. Dive into the field of tension where the rules of the game are out of your control. Enjoy this visual delight while slowly realising that you are falling down the rabbit hole. 


The installation consists of a selection from a personal archive of screenshotted online camera footage. A collection of empty screens carries the imprints of these images, giving them new materiality, expanding digital into the physical. Worthless displays resemble the moments captured, giving them new meaning, morphed into new tangible artefacts. Different printing techniques have been applied in an attempt to immortalise the transience of the digital sublime. 


Come in, involve yourself in the physical flip-side of meaningful scrolling.