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Tijdens 23 september - 29 september Public & Projects stelde de front-space samen.

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie presents SELECTED: a special exhibition and Afternoon Sessions in collaboration with Rietveld graduates of 2019 and Looiersgracht 60.

During the Graduation Show 2019, an independent jury nominated 9 individual artists from various departments for the annual GRA Awards. Following up on their nominations, SELECTED offers a continuation of their recently developed graduation projects beyond the context of the academy.

SELECTED offers the artists an opportunity to present and share their graduation works with a wider audience. Additionally, by inviting members of the jury, various artists, lecturers, teachers and audiences to join them in the exhibition space, the artists will develop a range of open Afternoon Sessions to share and expand their individual, and sometimes collaborative artistic practices and research interests. This programme will be communicated and documented throughout the exhibition and participation will be open for everyone.

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