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Amanda Bellman

b. 1997, Västerås, Sweden


Thesis: (Driving is a constant adjustment), a little that way, a little this way, forever...

Are we there yet? (Graduation Collection), Endless ever going (Video)

My graduation collection is centered around the idea of growing up, the body in relation to the car and how time and space is perceived within and through the moving vehicle. Having the bodies carrying the collection depict the emotional journey of growth within an enclosed space, by playing with the distance of the inside and the outside of the vessel. From the beginning to the end, I’ve developed evolving knitting techniques to support the concept of coming-of-age, controlled to unleashed, structured to unraveled. 

In collaboration with filmmaker Samuel Fuentes we've made a video work that is shown at the GRA Graduation Show. The video is depicting the collection in motion, mostly filmed from inside the car. The film was recorded during the annual GRA Fashion Show 2022 at Centrale Markthallen from morning to evening throughout the showday. Sound by Tomas Queiroz.


Images from the GRA FS22

Photography by Sanne Peper

Models: Anne-Marie Dimanche, Catherine Hu, Eller Rusu, Juhee Han, Agne Buciunaite, Sally Santana, Ilya Stasevich, Elsa Holmström