Wind, Replaced Waves

Sublimation print on fabric, wood, animation video screening on iPad

Jiwon Shin (Fine Arts)

The work Wind, replaced Waves imagines a sciencefiction story in which teleportation is like an eye-opening taste-bud adventure experience. This speedy potency

rebuilds and renegotiates into a dreamscape that works with phantasmagorias like no place and every place at the same time. It advertises like a DIY map, or pseudo app, or as an internal atlas – an impolite service engine. There are indivisible loops and transparent gate doors that reform your way throughout all the places in which you deal with others. Your navigation choice is [re-,dis-,meta-] located in furtive toponyms from diagrammatic reasoning, from which unfolds a world that is designated a weightless wave. 


Keywords: Teleport Site, Dreamscape, Freedom-Anomalies-Pseudoscience, World-Making, Waves