Front page, week 8 2020

Lotte Ooms

Netherlands, 1995

Thesis: Sown Descent

When the cat’s away, the mice will play

Installation which includes three sculptures and material samples on the wall.


This is a tale of hunger, compromise and acceptance. 

In our domestic lives we are often in conflict with other inhabitants such as the mouse, moth and woodworm. They devour materials that we intended to use for ourselves, and this is frequently seen as a sign of decay. However, what they give in return are beautiful pieces of uncontrollable nature. When the cat’s away, the mice will play is a fictional scenario in which a crucial collaboration is formed between the human and the commonly unwanted species. Finally overlapping food chains are acknowledged. This all comes together within the wonders of a mythological structure. 


Artist statement:
Lotte Ooms is a visual storyteller working with biological, non-food and material design themes. Through myths and fiction, she forms new narratives which question our interaction with the natural world — both the cultivated and untamed. Her work is guided by thorough design research which is translated to objects, social solutions or the creation of new materials. Lotte is interested in the historical background of every material she works with. She values old crafts and finds working with natural and recycled material a strong necessity. In her practice, biology, sociology and anthropology meet with tactile oriented and playful ways in design. 
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