Starry Message is a mosaic-film made out of of found footage and images Rosenthal shot around the house, at an aquarium and at sets made at her studio. It presents self-contained worlds, soothing for the eye and the body - no surprise such visuals are often used as meditation tools. Watching images of a jellyfish gracefully swimming behind glass is mesmerising and quiet - an utterly different experience than when one bites you. An image of a hand drawn map of the Pleiads, like the one Galilei made in 1610, is far removed from its source - a series of gigantic fireballs deep in the vastness of space. Watching an ideal moment of love in film may give rise to feelings of tenderness and intimacy, even emotional catharsis. When watching a film we absorb an illusion, but our physical and mental experiences are real. Adding playful animations on top of and below such images, Rosenthal opens up new perspectives, like a dance -often light and afloat, sometimes hinting at darker longings.