Jonas Morgenthaler


Butterfly Keys  
Thesis: Xenobjects

'A bedroom mockup becomes, in the work of Jonas Morgenthaler, a model to propose and present possible associations. Following the narrative techniques of contemporary household shops, with their scenography showrooms, the artist explores the narrativity of different objects next to each other that come together in an assemblage/installation. In this process special attention is paid to details in relation to the whole.

The resulting work refers to the ideological and normative objects presented in the shops’ showroom narratives, for instance, the heterosexual bedroom, but this is not a literal displacement. The installation is assembled with strangeness to the model, in such a way that the viewer is exposed to objects. A sensual curiosity arises: to explore this work one performs a physical parkour, a continuous bounce in and bounce back, one in which the texture of objects merges with the backdrop. Referring to one of the artist’s terms, this movement invites us to woander, to deviate from straight lines.  

Written by Martín La Roche