Athanasios Fakkas
Greece, 1999
Thesis: On this island



"The well of being"

I am looking into my powerlessness.

On the invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and its continuing division.

On hearing my grandfather's voice in my dreams after his passing.

On living abroad and having to say goodbye to the people and places.


Together, the works form a confession and promise.

I confess that I do feel powerless in history, togetherness, and self.

And I promise to give space for that powerlessness.


This is a journey of:

learning to be human among other humans.

seeing oneself as a person among other people.

and accepting the faults of being among other beings.

We had once made a promise.

When the time comes, we will open the windows of our bedrooms at the same time,

We will let the afternoon breeze blow inside,

and we will allow for our memories to spread out, into the world.

Maybe only then we will meet again - in the endless blue of our shared sky.

Because goodbye is but a new beginning, for two people in a city called earth,

where this sort of a change is truly what is most difficult.