Kilian Mercadié 




Thesis: Land on Your Own Moon



Land on Your Own Moon - What Nourishes Me Destroys Me

Exploring a species' fear of becoming obsolete and overruled by its own creation, Land on Your Own Moon ideates a dialogue between an artificial intelligence and a human maker, in which the designing power would be entrusted away to create clothes that would be born from the mind of a computer.

Using a pre-trained, open source generative adversarial network, previously fed by thousands of found-images, I have been generating artificial clothing. 

My project aims to physically recreate these morphed visuals, materializing the machine's visions. Potential shapes, materials and prints are analyzed. Repurposed materials and second hand clothes are selected on criteria of similarity in textures and colors with the visuals, and altered through textile interventions, most of which are computer assisted (laser-engraving, embroidery, digital prints), to envision a personal interpretation of these 2d images. 

The garments are accompanied by further exploration through video, photography, styling and accessory making.