Lente Oosterhuis


Dutch, 1997


Dirt(Y) Intimacy
One way of perceiving the planet is as a living body `mother earth´. This perspective suggests a dynamic in which we expect her to take care of us. We want her to love and support us. We become rather passive towards her, neglecting that she is more than a nursing mother. Our perspective arises from an embodiment of the maternal archetype, seemingly implying a one-way relationship.
But what if we try to see her as a lover?
In the refuge of the garden, I dug a hole. A wooden opening leading the viewer through, and inside the soil. In this intimate space sounds from the outside are muffled, providing a different climate, to allow one to calmly focus on oneself. From this awareness I guide the audience tough imaginary intimate moments. Between me and the audience, but also to the smallest sensation that can be felt from our surrounding. Intimacy is a feeling of closeness and can be felt all around and in us.
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