Rebecka Hultman

Shrink me down, I'm going out

At the crossroads of reality and fantasy, Shrink me down, I’m going out captures a moment of transformation that is shared between the Young-Girl and the princesses she grew up watching on TV. Preparing her for her grand reveal, song birds carry her new outfit through the window. As she drinks a beer in front of her only mirror, her favorite pair of underwear is drying on a hanger.

Using digital 3d-modeling as a direct manifestation of the freedom of one’s imagination, these objects carry a toy-like quality when translated into reality. The digital realm is unbothered by laws of physics and human touch. A tension is created between the dreamed mise en scenes and the inherent limitations of their materialization. Technology is both the facilitator and the constraint.

This installation indulges in high expectations and naive heteronormative promises before the inevitable let down of a bad party.


Projecten van: Rebecka Hultman