Rebecca Cuschera
Italy, 1998

Compatibili differenze



A piece of scrape metal, corrugated, uncertain whether it is the consequence of time or its very nature, once an embodiment of a familiar habitat is now seen in embrace of a piece of warm felt. These distant bodies travelling through time seemed to have found a moment of union, accepting/rejecting; co-existing. 

Felt in its majestic suspension flaunts its primordial origin, speaks, converses and embodies the metal sheet, inquiring how gravity feels like in its dense body, is the emergence of its rusting color an emblem of withering time or its sheer idleness? Both suspended and stationed…together as if in a moment of healing, folded and unfolding.


Rebecca Cuschera in her works tries to create profound material interactions that manifest as abstract forms. These forms work as a sensory extravaganza, creating energy, that perpetuate and shifts between its micro and macro, internal and external realities; a construction of a continuous tactile dialogue with in and outside, inviting the observer in and out of its system of forms. Working with materials like felt and metal sheets, in her works Rebecca creates a community of paradoxical material moments that negotiate, challenge and surrender into each other’s occurrence. This communal sensibility is also an important element in her process of making; in which ideas of locality, material and its surrounding habitat; human/non-human all collect in active participation.