Renée van der Grinten

Nederlandse, 1967

Thesis: De vrouw van middelbare leeftijd - Over beeld en beeldvorming in de kunst

My work combines my fascination for systems and order, and my interest in the representation of the (older) woman. I explore what it means to be a middle-aged woman from a patriarchal family. I try to get a grip, find patterns, and look for logic. The idea of the 'quantified self' fascinates me, measuring and analyzing one's own body and converting this data into numbers and graphics. I find the contrast between the fixed set of rules and the inimitable and organic interesting. In my work I use rules, frameworks, that provide guidance when organizing, like time, colors, or material. As a result a different logic arises, with its own laws, it brings new insights, thoughts, and dialogues. Also the ordering often transforms into a ritual act that offers something to hold on to. However, the chaos I try to organize always turns out to be bigger than initially thought. It turns in an invitation to look again for a different order. This cycle is like a beautiful tragedy, I try to accomplish something (order) but achieve the opposite (more chaos).