Denmark, 1994

Moving in With Life, framed print of photograph

Another Day at the Office, video

Doing Nothing, performance during the entire duration of the Graduation Show

Hand Job, sculpture installation

The Baldessaris, music performance installation

(...) I’ve acknowledged long ago that the suit of post-modern apathy does not suit me. It’s way too floppy and sluggish, and dull in colour when you hold it up in the light. It hangs on any model, dangling, weeping like a willow, and I just refuse to put it on. I want a better fit, more crisp, more glistening, impeccable! It is at the core of my personal ethos, this refusal of the cynical, all-too-grown-up so-called ‘realism’, and it translates directly into my artistic predilections and practice: at heart is a cry for a spiffy suit that fares lightly in a world where movement is possible.

From "Towards an Art of Radical Lightness", Jo's BA thesis (designed by Filop Finkner).