Florine Trouwen (FMT)
Thesis: All my stuff is haunted


But swans don't sing

I was supposed to tell you a story, but I got caught up today. Sorry, you know how life gets busy. Feel free to step inside, I left the door open for you. Take a look around at my stuff. My collection. If you look close, if you listen to them — they will tell you a story all by themselves. They’ve been working on it. Practicing, rehearsing, trying different formations. It has taken them so much time to figure out the cast, the characters, the set pieces. They defined their stage: wooden valleys, ceramic mountains, metal curtains. They seem still but pay attention. 

Will you watch their show?


But swans don't sings is an installation work exploring storytelling and object relations to each other and the viewer. It consists of a shelf with several compartments that are filled with objects. I invite you to investigate and explore each of the them and the parts they are in.