A Psychedelic Reality

What is ‘reality’? Who decides whose reality counts? During this project I have researched and experimented with different hallucinatory drugs to get a better understanding of, and to explore these substances in order to find out if I can change my perception of the world under an altered state of consciousness. I grew up in Sweden where drugs, in general, are very stigmatized, but the more I read about psychedelic substances the more i get convinced that there could be a lot of positive things to gather from these drugs. In general I have used my experiences with psychedelics to work as the base for my collection and I have chosen to incorporate these aesthetics from other realities in my design vocabulary to bring them into the reality we share. What we see and identify as garments are based upon our expectations of clothing which in turn is based upon prior experiences in life. Psychedelics break down the boundaries between what is considered real and what you actually, see. I have chosen to play around with different ways of constructions to develop shapes merging into each other, to add another dimension and to disrupt the order of a traditional garment as we know it.