Bobby Veldhuizen
Thesis: don't join that stupid club

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Bobby Veldhuizen is fascinated by wrestling. Two athletes becoming a kinetic sculpture of bodies clasped together into a transformative whole, tightlocked, both opposing and attracting, seeking a moment of arrest or detachment, of decipherment. A slight change of viewpoint might suggest a tender and loving embrace. Starting from a line drawing she made of two wrestlers entangled, Veldhuizen made several paintings of wrestlers as variations on a theme. In one painting the central motif dissolves completely, with a cobweb like drawing as perhaps representing residual plotlines of the action. This may have led up to her wall drawings depicting a wrestling sequence. Here she opens the tightlocked figure, as presented in her paintings, creating a free-flowing form that can find its way on any given surface. They are however kept in check by respecting the idea of gravity.