Gretske Doornebal (GRETSKE)
The Netherlands

Thesis: A certain World created by an artist



The forest of more than quarrels

I am fascinated by our entanglement with other living beings, objects, materials and ideas. I am aware of the indication Lacan gave in 'The Seminar, Book XI' (1979): ‘I see only from one point, but in my existence I am looked at from all sides.' On that account, meeting the so called ‘other' intrigues me. It might open up new perspectives and/or possibilities.

In this time of frustration (farmer-protests, climate activism etc.) shows how much we need each other to survive. This doesn't only apply on a large scale. Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, an American anthropologist, describes in her book 'The mushroom at the End of the World' (2015) an entanglement of vulnerable beings, which need each other to survive. For species to survive this entanglement, we need to listen carefully to each other and collaborate.

For that reason, I declared in my work the importance of the little, the vulnerable itself; the lonely vacuum hose, that forgotten piece of clothing, an abandoned rim, a crooked laundry rack I found. In my working process I create room for trying, failing, losing, searching, deconstructing, unbecoming and not knowing, because this might offer a cooperative and more surprising way of being in the world.

I pay a tribute to the little and forgotten and invite others to do this with me.