Lene Antonopoulos


On top drinking coffee straight from the pot

While walking in a landscape suddenly I meet a hill.

                                                                       Green and round against the sky,
                                                                       it stands in front of me,
                                                                       gives me its hand, and greets.

Places coming into existence, away from their origin, unfolding again in one's mind, shifting and vibrating in their shape and being. Images and representation that glorify and deform, generalize and reduce - but at the same time carry such longing and intensity, offer openings for the imaginary to seep in.

A flat wooden hill, still walkable, but detached from its natural surrounding and changed in appearance. Objects suggest a subtle outline and give a hint of what is still to be found.

A silent, one-sided dialogue and at the same time a homage to places that are worth speaking with.