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France, 1997

Thesis: 26!

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A Table Portrait, Yerma (2018-2021)

A Table Portrait, Yerma

“A Table Portrait, Yerma” (2018-2021) is an idiosyncratic re-writing of Federico Garcia Lorca’s play Yerma. An interactive play in three acts and three rooms. Two sets of furniture: a living-room and a kitchen.

Starring Stanley Steen as Juan, Leyla de Muynck as Yerma, Dawn Atteveld as Maria and Philip van de Bree as Victor.

Set Design by Gersande Schellinx, Costumes by Marite Kuus, Music by Oliver Feghali, Food and Dinner Scenography by Elena Braida, Joe Eshuis as Videographer and Dariya Trubina as Assistant Director. With help from Dasha Leontieva.

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Schedule of: A Table Portrait, Yerma

07-07-2021, 8PM

08-07-2021, 5.30PM

09-07-2021, 8PM

10-07-2021, 6PM

11-07-2021, 8PM

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