The Netherlands, 1993

The project “Influences of Public Space” is an elaborate research into the understanding of how we, as people, are influenced by our spatial surroundings. Timo Piepers’ interest in this subject erupted from a personal experience which made him wonder how we all relate to what is around us, but, also, how this could possibly be improved. The space that started it all was Spui, a public square in the city centre of Amsterdam. Alongside a close analysis of this particular space and its users, the project is informed by an elaborate desk-research into the existing theories on the significance of public space design. By combining these two independent studies, Timo created a new methodology which aims to initiate positive change in public space design as we know it. The methodology intends to establish a true and honest understanding between the architect and the space’s potential. This potential is measured with different tools varying from the availability of basic facilities such as shelter to the level of overview. An important aspect of the methodology is the fact that it is all site-specific, which means that no end-result will ever be the same. For this project, the methodology was developed for, and implemented in, Spui. The end-result embraces space’s most characteristic facilities, its rich past and various geographical-related features while valuing and increasing the feeling of overview and possibilities for use.