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the office

last january i wrote my thesis ‘administrative art: a fascination for office supplies’. here, i try to understand why paper, stencils, insert folders and other office supplies are so fascinating to me. in my thesis, i walk around in stationary store ‘nibo’ in amsterdam. as i walk around, and describe what is fascinating me, i arrive at something that feels as ‘the everyday’. the office supplies seem simple and sincere to me and make me feel at ease.

following the subject of my thesis, in the graduation show i am showing my personal office. in this office – for which i carefully selected a desk, a chair and a filling cabinet – a selection of work i made during my time at the rietveld is shown, including my recently written and designed thesis. the office and the selection of my work meet in their functionality, simplicity but sincerity. when i design, i always use Times New Roman and i prefer to work with simple software or software meant for different purposes. i find it interesting to use these default – maybe even boring – typeface and software in a way in which they become attractive. the office is, besides its reference to functionality and simplicity, a personal space, that i maybe just left a couple of minutes ago. 


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