The Netherlands, 1994
Thesis: Contemporary Sensations

Communication 01, 2019
300cm x 200cm, vinyl print, mounted on wooden frame


Communication 02, 2019
Algorithmic text, window sticker


Recognition 01, 2019
100cm x 100cm, color print on wooden plate


Preservation 01, 2019
140cm x 70cm, color print on dibond


Preservation 02 + 03, 2019
Latex, polycarbonate


Interaction 01 + 02, 2019
Diptych, 70cm x 50cm each, color print on aluminium


Interaction 03, 2019
HD video on glass, 05:19 min on loop


Function 01, 2019
Projection mapping on plaster sculpture, 2 min on loop

Scratching the Surface (We had created him to think anal sex would feel like taking a dump.), centers around a science-fiction narrative of a humanless future in which a transient AI is trying to understandhow humans experienced their physicality and inner workings of their bodies. Experimenting with the human body by using different techniques in order to try understand it – similar to how Tobias tries to get a grip on how AI-systems function.